Gayle & Lori photoWhether you’re finally paying off your home mortgage and beginning to look for other properties to invest in, or you need to consider the possibility of moving out of your home and into an assisted living facility, you should seek out professional assistance when it comes to your real estate needs.

“It can be overwhelming for seniors,” says Gayle Stanley, real estate associate with Exit Real Estate Results. “We all face a variety of decisions regarding real estate as we grow older, and it’s important that we have all the facts in front of us before making decisions.”

Gayle has taken her experience as a realtor over to One Senior Place, where, as a resident business, she advises seniors on available living options. She partners with Lori Dickson, a mortgage consultant with Certified Mortgage Planners. Together, they cover all aspects of real estate in order to provide seniors with the information they need to make informed choices.

A variety of distinctive real estate needs, factors and considerations face seniors, including reverse mortgages, pensions, 401(k) accounts, IRA, Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA), Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, mortgage finance, and loan schemes and scams. Gayle has learned that families need to make decisions about living options before it becomes a crisis. “These decisions are heavily influenced by financial and health factors,” she says. “When someone comes to us and asks for help, we list all the steps and connect them with the appropriate professionals. Handling the details is a major help to the entire family because it’s not something they think about until they have to.”

One popular real estate option for seniors that Lori and Gayle provide information and advise on is reverse mortgages. Anybody over the age of 62 who owns a home can qualify for a reverse mortgage if there is adequate equity in the home. Reverse mortgages help many seniors stay in their homes by giving them monthly income, paying for home health care, paying for home improvements to “age in place,” and paying off current mortgages and debts so monthly payments don’t need to be made anymore. Reverse mortgages are completely designed for seniors and their needs, and they also allow for life estates and trusts to protect a senior’s home equity from Medicaid reimbursement, where traditional mortgages do not.  

Lori stresses that a reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan and just like all mortgages there are closing costs and interest, even though you don’t pay these until you permanently leave the home. “Reverse mortgages aren’t for everyone and cannot solve every senior’s problem,” she adds, “but reverse mortgages can and do help a lot of people.”

As experienced real estate professionals, Gayle and Lori understand that patience is required when dealing with senior real estate issues because the landscape can be so complex. These become important decisions, and they are often decisions that people don’t want to have to make, so understanding your client’s needs and wants becomes critical when advising them.

“If someone is forced to sell their home of 40 years because they need to move into an assisted living facility, they aren’t necessarily happy about that,” explains Gayle. “We take the time to listen and truly care about the well being of our clients. It isn’t always about what they want to do but is often about what they need to do, and we understand the emotional impact these decisions have on seniors and their families. We’re here to help them make the right choices.”

To find out more about Gayle Stanley and Lori Dickson and discover why they are trusted local sources for senior real estate needs, contact Gayle at 407-579-3583 or, and Lori at 407-467-5968 or



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