Submitted by: Dr. Scott Reader, DMD, PA, Your Hometown Dentist, One Senior Place Resident Business

Tooth decay is a passive destroyer to teeth. In the United States the cavity remains the number one chronic disease of children, as well as one of the primary reasons 25 percent of seniors lose all their teeth, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the majority of people prefer to keep their teeth well into their 90’s, the present is the best time to halt things that may cause teeth decay.

Oral bacteria and acids convert sugars and food particles into plaque and then calculus. Plaque acids soften the protective tooth armor, called enamel. As the armor weakens, cavities form, which causes the teeth to decay. Winning the tooth decay battle can be won by brushing your teeth and flossing them at least twice per day. Try avoiding sugar and acid lying on your teeth between brushings. Keeping the mouth moist with saliva helps to wash away debris and carries anti-bacterial agents, while dry mouth makes teeth decay.

Another very important prevention of tooth decay is keeping all dental work in the mouth smooth and clean, such as on and around crowns, bridges, partials, Lumineers and the Snap-On Smile. People with dentures and partials need to keep them free of bacteria and sterile, in order to reduce the risk of bad overall health. Periodontitis may cause tooth and oral bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases like emphysema.

By killing the oral bacteria, which generate plaque acid and gum disease enhances the chances of lowering the risk of tooth decay and other bodily illnesses.


Dr. Scott Reader is a family and cosmetic dentist, specializing in Lumineers and the revolutionary Snap-On Smile.  His office is located at 7185 Murrell Road in Viera.  All seniors may schedule for a complimentary consultation by calling the office at 321-253-9588 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reader.

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