School Supply Drive July 2019 400More than 50% of students in Seminole County – over 33,000 – participate in the free and reduced meals program. Of this number, more than 1,700 are identified as homeless. Families are struggling to provide the basics (food, clothing, shelter), so many times their household budgets don’t cover backpacks and school supplies.

Dedicated teachers try to help by spending on average $500 – $1,000 of their own money on supplies for their students and classrooms. Tools 4 Seminole Schools provides free school and classroom supplies to every Seminole County public school through the Free Store for teachers.The store collects, stores and distributes school supplies and classroom materials to help alleviate this burden from teachers and low-income parents. The store has everything from pencils, crayons, notebooks and even underwear. The goal is to ensure all students have the supplies needed to be in school ready to learn.

The store is funded through The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools and primarily supported by grants, corporate giving, individual donors and an annual supply drive every summer. Local businesses, community organizations and individuals collect thousands of schools supplies to keep the shelves stocked all year long.

One Senior Place will be hosting a SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE to help stock the Tools 4 Seminole Schools store now through July 31. Please drop off donations to One Senior Place, 715 Douglas Avenue, Altamonte Springs anytime Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm.

Any school supplies are accepted, but here’s what’s needed most:

Top 10 list of needed supplies:
1. 12 pack – #2 pencils
2. 12 pack – color pencils
3. 24 pack – crayons
4. Student scissors
5. Pink erasers
6. Glue sticks
7. 8/10 pack – color markers
8. Pocket folders
9. Wide ruled notebook paper
10. Wide ruled spiral notebook