"I have never had a poor or average experience at One Senior Place; whether it was attending a seminar, various tests offered, dealing with one of the businesses or just having fun playing cards. All of the staff and business personnel are courteous, pleasant and very helpful."
-Ruth Reese
"Many choices of seminars to interest Senior Citizens."
-Joel Barbara Court
"A good place for seniors yo go for most anything to do with agimg."
-Carl Jefferson
"Great classes and everyone is so friendly and helpful"
"You have made one senior place an interesting informative fun place to go. I’ve learned so much about so many things and met so many nice people there. Thank you so much and keep it up."
-Jackie Tschanz
"I enjoy the Sr Center and the classes, you also had the suppliers we could use. Now that you have stopped having the computer, iPad& iPhone class Not sure what to do.This center is great for the SR crowd. You need tobring in more speakers"
-David Gray
"Since I live in the North part of Apopka, I'm not a frequent visitor; however, I do watch for various sessions that I can do on the computer and thoroughly enjoy them. I'm so very appreciative that One Senior Center is available if i ever need information or direction"
-Anastasia Wells
"I called the One Senior Place today looking for some guidance on moving my mother from New York. A lady by the name of Barbara returned my call this afternoon. Ms. Barbara was very knowledgeable, pleasant and very patient! She took time to answer and explain all of my questions. Under this troubling time in my life, Ms. Barbara was a ray of light that made my day brighter! Thank you for your Organization, and most important, for the One Senior Place Team !"
-Maribel P.
"Cordial and interesting people and seminars"
-George Yeomans
"Keeping current for ongoing events, health etc. is so vital in aging. I do appreciate all the updates, & participated when I could."
-R M Yarbrough
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