"Everyone says this place is really great and very good towards their seniors that live there I've only heard really good things"
"One Senior Place provides so much needed information & help for Seniors & their families. They have answers for most all of us. I appreciate One Senior Place."
-Janet E Brewer
"Everyone has been so helpful & encouraging. So far, answered all the questions we've had. Looking forward to getting back to activities if & when the virus eases"
-Carol Lagace
"Whenever I need to find a handyman, attorney or need help with something else, I have called One Senior Place. All I need to do is change my schedule to fit with the offered programs and I will utilize the many services offered."
-(Micki)Priscilla Robbins
"It is the location of my doctors office. There appear to be quite a few senior related options there for people in that age group looking for things to do and acquiring materials suitable for seniors."
-George Richards
"Barbara's recent presentation was awesome. Well presented. Good questions presented by residents with quick answers from Barbara. The residents loved her and want her back for other presentation's. She is a very good speaker."
-Joann M.
"This is an amazing reference tool for seniors offering free information and services. I've gone here several yrs.for help with Medicare options."
-Janis Delaney
"Exceptional Help"
-Kartik Mehta
"As a Senior & disabled I really look forward to all that you put on the computer for me & others."
-Cheri Ferreira & Cherilynn S. Ferreira
"Viera Insurance Profesionals are great!"
-Carol Fox
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