~ By Barb McNamara, One Senior Place Care Management ~

I have always loved to craft, and now that I’m working part-time here at One Senior Place, I am able to spend more time in my craft room.  I am currently into “paper crafting”.  I’ve come across some really fun projects on the web.  

I don’t remember most of the gifts I’ve gotten from my Grandparents over the years, but I always remember doing special projects together.  Here’s an idea that you could craft with your grandchildren and create memories in the process!  It’s called a paper bag purse.  It’s very simple and oh-so-cute!


Supplies you’ll need:

A lunch-size paper bag, cardstock, glue or double-stick tape, ribbon for the handle, Velcro for the closure, and something to punch holes with.  (I’ve used cardstock for my purse, but if you don’t have cardstock, you could re-cycle some old greeting cards as well.) 

To get started, take the paper bag and measure up 4 inches from the bottom, and cut off the top part of the bag.  This bottom portion of the bag will be the base of your “purse”. 

Next you’ll need 2 pieces of cardstock (1 @ 4 ¼ x 5 ½ and 1 @ 5 ½ x 6 ¼).  You’ll score the larger piece at 2 inches down (scoring along the 6 ¼ inch side).  This will create the piece that folds over for the closure.  If you are using plain cardstock, you can add decorative paper on top to dress it up a bit.  It’s easiest to add it now before adhering the cardstock to the bag.  Take a paper punch and punch 2 holes right in the score line of the cardstock—about an inch or so in from each side.

Now to create the handle, thread the ribbon through to the inside and tape it down.  Don’t worry, you won’t see the tape because we’ll be gluing this piece to the paper bag.  Be sure that the ribbon is nice and straight so that your handle isn’t twisted.

Now take the paper bag and the piece of cardstock with the handle.  Put the double stick tape (or glue) onto the smooth side of the bag (not the side where the bottom is folded) and then center the bag on the inside of the cardstock, (this is where you’ll be covering up the taped ribbon) and adhere. Now, the folded side of the bag is facing up.  You’ll want to take the flap that is folded up and pull that flap down, so that again, you have a smooth side.  Now put double stick tape (or glue) on the other piece of card stock and adhere it to the bag.  All you need to do now is add a piece of Velcro under the flap and you’re done!  Now have fun adding any additional decorations such as stickers, sequins, or old pieces of jewelry to make it look more like a purse.

This little purse will hold a few baked goods or any other treats you many want to send the grandkids home with.

If you are a visual learner, you can watch a video tutorial here.

I hope you will give this tutorial a try.

Happy crafting!








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