~ by Megan Jaunich, Director IT and Systems Integration

At One Senior Place, we love it when we get new visitors who have heard about us through friends, family, or colleagues.  It’s also great when we or our staff are recognized locally.  Recently, we received a mention in the Florida Today article “Senior Consult: Match caregiver to senior’s needs.“  This article discusses that, if and when care is necessary for a senior, it is very important to find a good match between caregiver and client.  Each individual has his or her own needs, and there are different levels of care available for that reason, from companions to home health aides.  At One Senior Place, we can help you get started to find the service you need.

In other recent news, CEO Don Kramer, along with 12 other leaders, community volunteers and business people, was honored by the organization Honor America, Inc. at its First Annual Patriot Dinner.  These individuals were recognized for their service and commitment to Brevard County.

Honor America  is a local non-profit charity organization that promotes respect for the flag, honoring our Constitution, respect for our veterans and educating our children about the history of our Country. They also own and operate the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum in Melbourne, and sponsor patriotic civic events during the year.  You can see a mention in this Florida Today article article and a photo gallery here.

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