Neighbors Network: Aging at Home with Confidence

Once upon a time, we all lived in villages – small communities in which the neighbors knew one another, helped one another, and shared their resources and talents with one another. And the entire village was stronger because of it.

Started with the generous funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation, Neighbors Network is a non-profit member organization for adults 55+ in Winter Park, Maitland and close by neighborhoods who seek support in order to live at home as long as possible. Through volunteers, screened service providers, community supporters and partners, Neighbors Network enables older adults to continue living and thriving in their homes and communities “with a little help from their friends.”

Neighbors Network

As a Member, you can…

  • Ask for help without embarrassment or fear of imposing.
  • Trust the people who are helping you.
  • Save time and money.
  • Meet new friends and neighbors.
  • Stay engaged with your community.
  • Keep loving your life.

Neighbors Network volunteers are background checked and genuinely want to help you remain living independently in your own home. A few real examples of what a Neighbors Network volunteer’s week might look like:

  • On Monday: Helped a member organize a filing system and decide what to keep and what to shred.
  • On Tuesday: Accompanied a member during a lengthy medical test and was there to make notes and help with questions during the physician visit.
  • On Wednesday: Check out a toilet noise and was able to easily repair it.
  • On Thursday: Provided some company and read aloud to a member recovering from illness.
  • On Friday: Explored a member’s email problem and got it working properly.
  • On Saturday: Helped a member get the guest room ready for visitors and helped create a menu and grocery shopping list for the visit.

Neighbors Network also connects it’s members to Partners like, ITN-Orlando for transportation, for homecare services, Our Whole Community for health and wellness education, as well as list of screened service providers when a task or project needs professional expertise.

Four Ways To Get Involved:

  • Become a member of Neighbors Network to easily request and receive the help you need.
  • Volunteer your time and talents to help the people right in your own community.
  • Become a Neighbors Network Service Provider to promote your professional services to members.
  • Become a Community Supporter or Partner to help us spread the word and turn more good people into good neighbors.

If you would like to learn more about Neighbors Network, call 321-209-2775 or visit

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