By Brenda Lecco, Care Manager, One Senior Place

Whenever I recall my fondest childhood memories, my grandmother is at the centerpiece.  I spent a lot of time with my grandma, as much time as I possibly could.  Christmas was my favorite time to spend with her.  Of course there was lots of baking and decorating, but the best part was putting the “Nutcracker Suite” on the record player and pretending to be a ballerina. Every year she would take me to a local Hallmark store and let me pick out a Christmas Ornament.  I still have my 1972 Woodstock ornament hanging on my tree, as well as many others.  I thought my grandma would be there forever and somehow my kids would get to have the same treasured times with her.  But age and health took its toll on her and by the time I had my first child she had her first stroke.  My uncles and my mom became the “family caregivers”.  There were lots of extended hospital stays and home health visits.  There were so many things to think about. Strokes eventually took away all her faculties, everything except her heart and mind.  You could always see her heart in her eyes.  After a lot of hand-wringing, and heart wrenching, we had to put her in a nursing home.

I have learned a lot about the complications of growing old since then and it was the experience of taking care of my grandma that led me to the caregiving profession.  I can’t help but wonder “what if” there had been a One Senior Place when we were going through our caregiving struggles.  What differences would it have made in the quality of my grandma’s life?  If only we had known about private duty caregiver options, or Aid and Attendance Benefits, or long-term care insurance.  How many years could we have added to her life if there had been a care manager available to us to tell us about hospice?

As you are counting all your gifts this holiday season please consider a free consultation with One Senior Place among them.  We have a tremendous number of resources available to you that will ease your caregiving burden.  Perhaps we can give you the gift of more time with your loved one.

To schedule a free consultation with a One Senior Place Care Manager or for more information about how One Senior Place can help you, please call 407-949-6733.

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