One of the best ways to help senior people to go out and meet friends and have a social life is to suggest them a few entertainment solutions. Normally, it’s about very easy and nice solutions to spend free time together and socialize.

1. Ballroom dancing is one of the most classic ways to entertain elders who still want to have fun and dance.

2. Community theaters are also a nice idea to offer seniors a funny afternoon. Theaters often offer specific and nice plays for seniors.

3. Games and video games are modern entertainments that also seniors show to appreciate in the latest years.

Play safe, play happy!

Seniors surely will like the idea of a classic game, which might recall memories and past atmosphere of their life. Cleopatra is a classic slot game and possibly one of the most popular in the world. Today, many companies in the gaming industry have a Cleopatra title in their game selection. However, we suggest you to consider Ladbrokes as your main gaming platform as to online games.

Actually, Cleopatra is available as an online slot game at the page and with Ladbrokes you can take full advantage of the best bonus offers and game options.

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest game providers of the history, being founded in the UK in 1886. Today, this big and successful company counts over thousands land based betting shops and many online casinos and partners in the gaming industry. Ladbrokes is Europe regulated and it’s also the first and main game provider in the Islamic Countries.

Cleopatra – a classic which never stops to amaze

Among the many titles of slot games and other types of games that you can easily find at Ladbrokes, Cleopatra is without any doubt one of the most followed and played game.

First off, as said, this is a classic game that anyone knows in the world. The new version revisited by Ladbrokes replaces standard symbols with wild symbols (except for scatter symbols) and adds Cleopatra’s voice in the game.

This new charming element makes the game different and more involving. Moreover, the many exotic symbols contribute to make the atmosphere within the Cleopatra’s slot game totally enchanting and appealing.

How to play Cleopatra with Ladbrokes

All you have to do in order to play Cleopatra is to create your personal account at Ladbrokes and to select Cleopatra from the selection of slot games.

In the Cleopatra’s game you have different combinations of sphinx symbols:

2 or more sphinx symbols appearing in any position on the reels allows players to get a scatter award multiplier on the basis of their bet’s value (min. stake is $0.01).

3 or more sphinx symbols appearing in any position on the reels allows players to get 15 Free Spins, that will be automatically played by Cleopatra. If during the 15 free spins you get 3 or more sphinx symbols, you have right to 15 additional Free Spins, that is more chances to win a Cleopatra ‘s prize.