By now, you may have heard about One Senior Place’s support of CreativeCARE Association (CCA) – the non-profit group formed by various business owners at One Senior Place Greater Orlando in mid-2015. As resident businesses, our work with retirees puts a glaring spotlight on the mental and physical toll that isolation has on our senior population and their caregivers. We’re inspired by the growing cultural movement to embrace our elders and respect their wisdom, as found in media like Growing Bolder and Music & Memory. CCA’s mission is to drive that change forward.  Won’t you join us in 2017?  We think you’ll be very glad you did.

CCA aims to improve the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers by creating a path to programs which awaken, inspire, and connect.  For instance, our innovative Songbird program has been life-changing for all participants. Only in its second season, it’s recognized as a model and game-changer for youth development and inter-generational outreach.  This month, we implement a new study with researchers at U of Central Florida and U of California, Davis to document the positive impact of this extraordinary student/elder connection.

opening-night-website-registration-page-graphic-3Songbird’s success has opened the door to additional purpose-driven outreach. We are pleased to announce our next project in partnership with Compass Research: Doyen Gallery.  One Senior Place Greater Orlando is our new home for this unique art gallery with original art showcasing the wisdom and importance of creative expression in older adults. It all ties together…music, art, and human connection. Doyen Gallery opens on Saturday, February 11th at 5:30 p.m., with an opening night celebration at One Senior Place full of food, music, art, and an eye-opening exhibit schedule for the year ahead. We hope to see you there! (Register at: )

CCA’s efforts are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, as well as our own. Imagine the impact if every senior care provider participates!  Please become a sponsoring partner and/or volunteer in the year ahead. One of the simplest ways to show your support is to place an ad in our inaugural gallery program. Details and pricing are attached. Ad submission deadline is January 31st.  Consider placing a logoed ad with a congratulatory message which will run in the first two issues. Gallery programs will be updated and issued with each new exhibit every 6 – 8 weeks beginning February 28th. Complementary copies will guide visitors through the featured works and will also be available at Compass Research locations (Orange, Lake and Brevard) during travelling exhibits. Discounts are available for repeating sponsorships.

We also need YOU, your time and your talents!  CCA is growing faster than anticipated. Your expertise and initiative is very welcome.  Please let me know if we can schedule a time to discuss ways to work together.

Happy New Year with best regards,

Linda Taylor
Founder / Board Chairperson