There are many changes occurring into the life of a person making the transit into an assisted living facility. Gaining a full understanding of all of the inevitable changes triggered by this important decision is the first step towards assuring a smooth process. The senior's family together with caregivers and doctors or nurses need to work together in order to create a smooth and successful transition.

The Need To Feel Safe

This is a critical aspect that will need careful consideration. Depending on the illnesses and health conditions of the senior transitioning into the assisted living facility, the staff there will need to do everything possible to eliminate the lack of familiarity with the environment and the rest of the residents there. Many seniors will first feel intimidated and this adjustment period is known to last between 30 up to 90 days. New residents of these senior care facilities can take the following measures to ease their adjustment:

  • Be prepared for what's coming. Keeping an open mind will considerably help them make the transitioning a lot faster and smoother. Knowing exactly what to expect once they will move there will help them embrace all the changes a lot easier. Seniors once used to living in their own homes and relying on their own doors and locks will all of a sudden need to put their trust into the lock and security systems of the facility that has now turned into their home. This might be a thought harder to digest for some people, but once they will be reassured that they have nothing to worry about and that they are completely safe under their new rooftop, they will regain their peace of mind.

  • It falls under the direct responsibility of managers to set up regular lock checkup schedules within the unit and assess the state of all the locks and deadbolts on the doors and windows. It is best to collaborate with a local licensed and authorized locksmith company that can perform regular assessments and repair or rekey broken locks or replace them with better branded ones. Security surveillance cameras should also be used to ensure there is no unauthorized access within the venue, but while still showing respect and consideration for the intimacy and privacy of the senior residents living there. This link here will introduce you to some of the lowest locksmith rates for commercial services such as lock rekey, lock change, fresh lock installation, emergency lockouts offered on a 24/7 basis, as well as similar automotive and residential services. Having professionals come over and freely assess the state of the locks at your facility will help you maintain a safe, relaxed and reassuring environment for the regular and also for the newest of your residents.

  • Asking questions. This is yet another way of gaining more peace of mind by – the staff needs to be ready to provide answers to all of these questions.

  • Keeping in touch. This needs to be done by any mean possible, even when visits are not possible or allowed. Family members need to constantly make sure that their parents are getting involved in healthy community activities.