Getting older normally triggers a great number of changes inside the body. Today we are going to speak to you about the importance of changing your diet in accordance with these metabolic changes.


The Elderly Need Fewer Calories

First of all, you do not longer need the same number of calories like you used toned when you were younger. Also, the few calories you will need to eat will have to be highly rich in the nutrients your body needs. Keep in mind the body of an elderly person has difficulties in absorbing key nutrients; other important changes occurring in the body refer to the loss of the ability to taste food or the triggering of blunting appetite. Older people are also short on several nutrients, and Vitamin B12, Folic Acid or Calcium

Tiramisu cake recipe

are just a few of them. B12 created red blood cells and keeps the nervous system healthy; fish, meat, eggs, milk products and poultry are all foods rich in this vitamin. If you enjoy eating Tiramisu, here is the Tiramisu cake recipe you can easily follow thanks to the detailed, written and video instructions you can find on the site. The recipe requires the use of heavy cream and mascarpone cream, as well as 15 yolks, so you should get a sufficient amount of Vitamin B12shoudl you decide to eat this delicious Italian desert.


The same website displays a wide series of recipes for breakfast food rich in Calcium necessary for the health if your bones, as well as salads, vegetarian foods, desserts, main dishes, breads, or casseroles you could try for similar reasons. Breakfast cereals are known to be rich in folate, and the same goes for fruits and vegetables, so we recommend you take a look at the healthy breakfast ideas on the site and make your pick. Smoothies are also excellent ideas to get your necessary intake of daily calcium from, and there are plenty of delicious yogurt, molasses, maple syrup, or fruit smoothie recipes to try. In case your physician recommends you not to eat dairy products because you might have developed lactose intolerance over the years, you should focus on dairy supplements instead. Vitamin D has been proven to protect against chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or autoimmune diseases. Deficits of this vitamin in the elderly tends to increase the risk of falling naturally, vitamin D is produced by the body when exposed to the sun.