Submitted by: Dr. Scott Reader, DMD, PA, Your Hometown Dentist, One Senior Place Resident Business

Scott Reader DMDWhile I was flipping through one of my dental journals an article caught my eye.  According to a recent study, people with poor oral hygiene or gum disease could be at higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s compared with people who have healthy teeth and gums.

Researchers discovered when bacterium called prophyromonas gingivalis, had a presence in the brains of patients who had dementia when they were alive showed a higher level of Alzheimer’s.  The bug is usually associated with chronic periodontal disease of the gums.

This bacteria is usually found in oral cavities, and then enters the blood stream through a variety of daily activities, such as chewing, eating and brushing your teeth.  I learned it is more likely to enter the blood stream after invasive dental treatment and then proceed to the brain.

Researchers noted that each time the bacteria entered the brain, this could potentially trigger immune system responses, causing the release of excess chemicals that can kill neurons.  According to the researchers, this activity could lead to systems such as confusion and deteriorating memory, which are typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  Gum disease could increase the risk of cognitive dysfunction.


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