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"Very nice place visiting New DR. Office"
-John Kern
"Great best presentations"
-Rich Ramsburg
"It is the location of my doctors office. There appear to be quite a few senior related options there for people in that age group looking for things to do and acquiring materials suitable for seniors."
-George Richards
"Clean, organized, and friendly."
-Tami C. Elton
"Amazing staff, so many activities and learning opportunities - and friends to meet and socialize with!"
-Ami Colee
"Staff very helpful, friendly"
"My client went to physical therapy there... Clean.. pleasant and well educated staff... They treated her very gently and respectfully.I also had a Medicare issue and Chris from another dept. was very helpful.. Kudos to everyone!"
-Gayle Marie Stanich
"Thank you for this beautiful place"
-Trice riedel
"They are the best"
-Katherine Amoroso
"I love going there to talk to the older people."
-Kathryn Johnson
"The seminar was very informative and lunch was provided. However, I think that some SENIORS shouldn't be allowed to attend as they obviously came for the lunch (they got their lunch and some to take home!!). Totallly ridiculous."
-Natalie Jo Peyton
"Great place!"
-Kelly Elliott
"We've had the pleasure of working with One Senior Place for over 10 years on their marketing and advertising efforts. They have always been professional, proactive and just a pleasure to work with. We work directly with several employees as well as the owners, and they all maintain a high level of integrity. I highly recommend working with OSP in all capacities."
-claire mcbride
"Any kind of Care Services that you will need after retirement, is sure that you will find those in One Senior Place. Great customer service, friendly and professional employees,large and free parking lot."
-Katy Di Michele
"It answered my question of "what is available in FL for assistance to a familt caregiver."
-kristin anderson
"Attended free seminar on elder law, well done."
-Dennis Dodge
"This is an excellent place for seniors to go for resources."
-Carol Gann
"Knowledgeable staff for literally everything you need for your elderly loved ones. They have endless information and resources to help with anything you need."
-James Uttech
"Great resource and work meeting place! I WOULD recommend!"
-Janine Mongiovi
"Great place for information, all senior related. Staff is all cheerful. Interesting sessions are taught. Worth the trip."
-karen Poodlemom
"lots of resources to help navigate retirement."
-Albert Leining
"i got my medicare info explained to me in an easy and understanding manner with Mike Kowalski who i would HIGHLY reccomend to EVERYONE"
-Debbie Rowe
"Everyone says this place is really great and very good towards their seniors that live there I've only heard really good things"
"Dr Jaffee is wonderful."
-donna porter
"Good place for help"
-Rita Evans
"Answers. Seminars. Vendors."
-me man
"Got my work phsical completed here. VERY EASY TO FIND"
-SUSAN Wiggins
"Love my PT classes there."
-Kim Carman