Bioclinica Research (Greater Orlando)

: Bioclinica Research (Greater Orlando)

: 407-210-1334

: 100 W Gore St, Suite 202

: Orlando

: FL

: 32806


: Since 1992, Compass Research has been conducting clinical research trials that have given thousands of people the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. Compass Research is a medical research company dedicated to testing new and current medications that cover a broad range of diseases and disorders. Our staff has over 200 years of combined clinical research experience in all fields of medicine. Through our extensive knowledge of clinical trials and our exceptional care for our patients, we have successfully helped place 78 FDA approved medications on the market. There are many benefits to volunteering. You may benefit your future and the future of others by helping with the evaluations of new medications. When participating in a clinical trial, you have access to the latest medications and treatments that are not otherwise available which can be a great benefit to those who have exhausted all other treatments. Research studies are also a good option for those who do not have health insurance, since insurance is not required to participate. Your participation is voluntary; You can choose to leave the study at any time, however once you qualify, you will be compensated for the time you do participate. All visits, tests, and procedures related to the study are free of charge. Compass Research offers free, educational seminars around the Central Florida area that are open to the public. Our seminars focus on signs, symptoms and treatments for the most common diseases and ailments today, such as memory loss and Alzheimers disease. Our doctors enjoy going out into the community, sharing their knowledge and answering questions. We offer free memory screenings, available by appointment, to those who are concerned about their memory. Compass Research has over 60 different research studies enrolling at any given time. Call to see if we have a research study you may qualify for, 407-426-9299.

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