Here’s what people are saying about their visit to One Senior Place…

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for taking the time to listen to my story and help get me pointed in the right direction. I appreciate all of the advise you gave me, you both brought up concerns that I had yet to see as an issue. I feel like I am better equipped to make the next step. Taking care of my Mom is a top priority for me. I owe her more than I could ever repay. She was the biggest influence in my life. Again, thanks for helping me do the right thing….

Max B

What a great service that is desperately needed! I had no idea how comprehensive One Senior Place is. I was at my wit’s end when I walked into One Senior Place, you were so thoughtful, caring and helped me put things back into perspective – also letting me know I was not alone in dealing with the issues that arise from caring for an Alzheimer’s patient on a daily basis. You took the time to listen – A rare occurence in the health care field these days. You have such a vast amount of resources in one spot! I can tell you from past experience, obtaining information on elder services is a hit and miss game. But you provide and present information in a well thought out way. I felt empowered leaving One Senior Place!

Lisa F

Information obtained at One Senior Place could not have been collected elsewhere without a lot of legwork and telephoning. Thank you!

Margaret J

It was great to have all the resources in one place. I really appreciated the time given me and the understanding of the issues I am facing with my mother’s care. The staff was able to help me target our needs and then make suggestions as to how they can be met. I feel much more focused on and comfortable about the decisions I will be making for my mother’s care. I now feel less guilty about turning over some of my mother’s care to others. My visit was a great experience. Thanks!

Kathy A

I was thoroughly impressed with the dignity which was shown to my mother-in-law on our initial visit. She was spoken to, not at, and was allowed and encouraged to express her thoughts and desires directly to the care manager. It is so vital that those seeking help and services feel they have an active role in the decision making process. Thanks so much to the Care Manager for her professionalism and care.

Catherine S

What a wonderful service! I brought my mother with me to gather information on assisted living and in-home care. The Care Manager at One Senior Place was kind, knowledgeable and very reassuring to my very anxious mother. She spent considerable time helping us to find suitable options and we left feeling much better! Thank you for being there during this difficult life transition.

Rebecca C

I was guided through my options for senior services by the helpful and informative Care Manager. She was outstanding and knowledgeable in her field and very customer oriented in offering outstanding service. One Senior Place is “the place” to go for help. Thank you for great service.

Elizabeth H

The information provided at One Senior Place was invaluable. I thought nothing was available for my mom and that I needed to “give up my whole life” to take care of her. With your help I now have some options


Thank you!, for the help and assistance you’ve already provided and for help and assistance I know I’ll be back for! As anyone that is caring for an elderly loved one knows – it can be overwhelming – and sometime confusing. Your help, your assistance, your just pointing me in the right direction is just what I needed. Thank you for your professional assistance, and in a kind, hopeful and joyous way. Be seeing you!

Jeanne F

What a wonderful service One Senior Place provides! When you are thrown into a situation where there are unknowns, its nice to have a place to come for answers. My Dad had a stroke and is currently in rehab. You are never prepared for such situations at any age. One Senior Place led me in the right direction. The Care Manager was a wonderful listener and provided me with a wealth of information and let me know my options.

Arlene M

When I learned my husband had to go into a nursing home permanently, I went to One Senior Place. My daughter and I talked to the Care Manager who gave me great advice – who to talk to, where to go, etc. I hate to think of the mess I would be in now if I hadn’t gone to One Senior Place. Thanks for the help!

Susan B

You helped me feel back in control, like I wasn’t alone in this. Thank you for your help!

Katherine D

The information received was very informative and will assist in my mother’s relocation from California. She already feels that the community cares about her (and its Senior Population) – and she hasn’t moved here yet. One Senior Place offers valuable resources and I’m grateful for the consultation. Thank you.

Mary O