Submitted by: Dr. Scott Reader, DMD, PA, Your Hometown Dentist, One Senior Place Resident Business

Dentures can improve your facial appearance and self-confidence, especially if a number of teeth have been missing over a long period of time. If someone is missing all their teeth; a full denture is an option to improve their speech and eating, but most importantly it restores a natural-looking smile. A second option if someone is missing some teeth or no teeth and wants to improve their smile; the newest and latest option is called a snap on smile, which can be done with no anesthetic or drilling and fits directly over all remaining/existing teeth without any adhesive with one simple quick impression. After a period of adjustment, proper fitting of both appliances in the mouth will be comfortable and boost self-esteem.

Both dental appliances should be cleaned with a soft tooth brush. At the end of the day whenever they are removed, also use a soft toothbrush to massage gum tissue and remove any film or debris. To refresh the mouth rinsing with alcohol-free mouth wash is recommended. Dentures need to be placed in a container overnight, which has a liquid such as water, mouthwash or denture cleaner in it to keep the dentures moist.

A small amount of denture adhesive may help dentures to fit more comfortably, Dentures should fit with comfort. By using more adhesive than necessary will not help the fit of dentures if they are old or worn. Regularly scheduled check-ups with a dental professional, your hometown dentist, at least once a year to check the fit of the dentures, as well as the condition of the gums and tissue are essential. A screening for oral cancer is a must once a year by a dentist.

Deterioration in gum health often occurs with increasing age. A new study published by Nature Immunology reports that old age is associated with a drop in the level of a chemical called Del-1. Researchers say that understanding more about Del 1 and its effects on the body’s immune system could help in the treatment or prevention of serious gum disease.

Periodontitis is a disease of the gums which causes bleeding and bone loss. Over time it can lead to loss of teeth. An over-active immune response to bacteria that grows in the mouth plays a key role in causing periodontal gum disease. As people age the chances of suffering from inflammatory diseases, including gum diseases increases.

New research investigated gum disease in young and old mice and found that an increase in gum disease in the older animals was accompanied by a drop in the Del-1. This protein is known to restrain the immune system by stopping white blood cells from sticking to and attacking mouth tissue. Mice that had no Del-1 developed severe gum disease and elevated bone loss. Researched stated that unusual high levels of white blood cells dropped, and gum disease and bone loss were reduced.

Periodontitis is a common problem and the risk of getting this disease increases with age. Research sheds some light on why ageing makes people more susceptible to this disease. This is a first step to an effective treatment.

October is the month of Halloween and kids eating a lot of candy leading to cavities. But what about seniors, are they still at risk for cavities and need to be concerned about their sugar intake? Everyone needs to be conscious of eating a healthy well balanced diet and limiting sugar consumption. However, the question remains, “As a senior adult do they really need to be concerned about cavities?”

The truth is cavities can be more frequent in older adults for a number of reasons. Life-long exposure to fluoride through community water supplies and toothpaste may not have been a possibility for some of our oldest seniors, as it simply wasn’t available when they were growing up. In addition, senior adults are more likely to have decay around older fillings.

Cavities in the tooth root are more common, as gum tissue begins to recede in older adults exposing the tooth root surface to decay. Dry mouth also occurs as a result of the natural aging process, and certain medications and diseases may lead to more tooth decay. When there is not an adequate amount of saliva, food particles can’t be washed away and the acids proceed by plaque can’t be neutralized.


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