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VIERA — An assisted-living facility aimed at veterans should have its first residents by summer.

Workers are doing the post-construction touch-up cleaning, potential residents are touring and packages are being delivered to the Viera Manor Assisted Living Residence, adjacent to the Viera VA Outpatient Clinic.

John Goode envisions Viera Manor, which is built on land leased from the Department of Veterans Affairs, as a place where the majority of the aging residents are veterans who can share in camaraderie and their pride in having served in the Armed Forces.

“Our dream is to have a facility where all those veterans can share their stories,” said Goode, managing member of INVENCO Senior Housing LLC, which operates the facility.

Viera Manor is committed to serving a population of 80 percent veterans.

The grand opening of the two-story facility is scheduled for May 3, though it likely will be a few weeks longer before it gets its first residents as it awaits an operating license from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

“We have people that are interested that, upon getting our license, will move into the community,” said Doug Love, Viera Manor executive director. “We’re in a holding pattern” waiting for the license.

The facility is built to accommodate 102 residents in 66 studio apartments, fourteen one-bedroom and six two bedroom. It has a therapy room, a stylist and barber shop, meeting room, an ice cream parlor and even a pool table in its own room. It also has a gift shop, a game and card room and a backup generator.

Prices per resident start at just over $3,000 per month and vary depending on the apartment chosen and the extra services received.

“We’re ordering everything that we need,” Love said. “The building is ready. We wanted to make sure we have everything in place, everything running smoothly.”

Annmarie Trent, the facility’s wellness director, said she is excited about getting the new place up and running with new residents.

“I envision a building full of happy people,” she said. “I can’t wait. I’m ready.’

The arrangement is part of VA Supportive Housing project. The VA already has three other facilities on property leased to private enterprise providing services to veterans. They include a congregate living facility in Batavia, N.Y., an independent living facility in Danville, Ind., and an assisted living facility in Hines, Ill.

“It is extremely advantageous being next to the clinic,” Good said. “The unique nature of this is the proximity.”

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Viera Manor is a Resident Business in the Living Options Showroom at One Senior Place Brevard/Space Coast.

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