In the modern Countries, the population’s average age is gradually increasing, leading to an older average society. This has enormous consequences on the productivity level of the population and, on larger scale, this has consequences on the global economy.

Actually, if a Country has only 60% active workforce, while the 40% is made of unemployed or retired persons, it’s destined to decrease its productivity index.

This is what is happening today, with more senior population than in the previous centuries.

Another social consequence includes the problem of health care and senior residence. In fact, many senior people can’t live alone, they need medical care or other particular health care and the only solution for many families is to trust local senior residences for their elder family members.

Types of senior residences   

In the US, there are many types of senior residence, according to the personal exigencies of each single senior person. The most common types of residences include the following ones:

Accessory apartments, active adult community, adult home, assisted living, continuing care retirement community, dementia care facility unit, elder cottage, enriched housing, family type home, housing and care complex, match up home sharing, naturally occurring retirement community, nursing home, senior housing, shared living residence, supportive senior housing and many more.

Needed requirements of senior residences

Obviously, senior residences should be senior- friendly, offering the main basic services each type of residence features.

For example, special WC toilets, a safer kitchen device asset in order to avoid dangers like personal injures while preparing food – we all know that kitchens are the most dangerous places in the world, due to the presence of knives of all sizes, ovens and electrical devices.

In order to make sure that everything works the right way, senior residence companies must hire local residential locksmiths in order to request a building checking locksmith service.

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Residential services from Locksmith Search

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More services

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