Submitted by: Dr. Scott Reader, DMD, PA, Your Hometown Dentist, One Senior Place Resident Business

It’s true — they come and go, sometimes without any rhyme or reason. But don’t let the transient nature of a toothache fool you. Because there really is no mystery to toothaches. They’re usually signs that something’s wrong with your teeth. A toothache can be caused by sensitivity to hot or cold or a more serious problem like a cracked tooth, cavity, or gum disease One thing’s for sure: If you’ve had a bad toothache for more than a couple of days, you should see a dentist! There is no gain for pain in dental health.

A dentist should be called as soon as the pain begins, so future injury and escalating pain can be stopped, as well as tissue damage in the mouth. Masking the pain for long periods of time instead of treating the cause can lead to the infection spreading if there is one, bone loss, and loss of a tooth.

A few home remedies can be tried to control the pain level and gain comfort until your dentist can be seen. If a cavity is present, clean out the cavity by brushing your teeth. This will remove food and particles stuck in there causing pain and inflammation. A dentist may prescribe medication to get an infection under control. A dash of seasoning mixed with warm salt water on an hourly basis is another remedy for removing debris stuck on or between the teeth. Flossing the teeth also helps to remover small particles in the mouth causing pain and pressure.

Clove oil, which has the active ingredient eugenol, is a classic remedy for toothaches. Certain active ingredients in clove oil act as an anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial effects. This is easily found over the counter and may ease discomfort of a lost crown and fillings. The clove oil can be applied with a cotton swab for sterilization purposes. Toothache remedies such as antiseptics containing benzocaine deliver temporary relief. It is best to spread this on the irritated gums and teeth according to the American Dental Association.

General pain relievers such as ibuprofens and acetaminophens provide temporary deliverance of pain. These could also ease pain from spreading from the teeth and gums to areas in the jaw, head and neck. Do not put ground up pain killers or aspirin onto throbbing teeth. It can irritate soft tissues and cause even more dental damage.

For the ultimate and most professional cure of a toothache and the pain caused by it, the dentist is the best and safest choice.


Dr. Scott Reader is a family and cosmetic dentist, specializing in Lumineers and the revolutionary Snap-On Smile.  His office is located at 7185 Murrell Road in Viera.  All seniors may schedule for a complimentary consultation by calling the office at 321-253-9588 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reader.

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