Submitted by: Michelle Steffano, Director of Marketing, One Senior Place

22f88eeIf you’re wearing a name tag you’re probably in an industry or position where it is helpful for people know you and your name. This is important because you want these existing or potential customers, referral sources, business associates or even employees or employers to recognize and remember you.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a right way to wear a name tag. Name tags should be worn high and on the right shoulder. That way when someone extends their right arm to shake hands with you, they can glance at your name tag, read it, and commit your name to memory.

Names are sometimes hard to remember, so if you’re shaking hands with someone you’ve met before but your name has slipped their mind, positioning your name tag high and to the right will allow them to read it clearly and somewhat inconspicuously – meaning they only need to move their eyes slightly down your shoulder, saving them the awkward task of asking what your name is, again.

Hold any other items you have with you such as a briefcase, purse or coffee cup in your left hand or over your left shoulder if you’re carrying a purse or bag. Keeping straps and even long hair off of your name tag ensures it’s visible, and keeping things out of your right hand ensures you’re already ready for a friendly handshake and to make a connection.