Diverse panel of experts share tips for early retirement, planning for leisure

Action advisers(Viera, FL) April 7, 2014 – If you’ve ever slammed the door after coming home from a day at work and declared, “I’m going to retire early!” — then “Retirement 101″ is for you. One Senior Place at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road in Viera is best known as a hub for senior services, but from 5-7 PM on Thursday, April 17th, the resource center will present an educational event for young Baby-Boomers and Gen-X’ers. With the help of the number one planning software in the industry today, a panel of retirement experts will take attendees through scenarios designed to prompt questions and further discussion among family partners. Light refreshments will be served. The two-hour educational event will answer general questions such as, “How much money will I need to retire?”–and, “Which 25 essential documents do I need before I die?” Sponsored by One Senior Place, experts include Ken Whittaker, CPA; Mike Kowalchuk, Insurance Specialist; Sherri Lombard, Tax Accountant; Jim Delaura, Investment Advisor; and William Johnson, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney. The public is encouraged to RSVP to ensure sufficient copies of planning materials. Call One Senior Place at (321) 751-6771 or contact them through Facebook at www.Facebook.com/OneSeniorPlaceSpaceCoast.

One Senior Place Director, Kathi Ridner knows the overview will contain surprising facts for many.

“Couples who are busy raising their families don’t realize there’s a 50% chance that their partner may live beyond 90 years old,” said Ridner. “Odds are they’re not planning for that at all. And if they are, they probably haven’t asked themselves how well they want to live, whether they want to take a yearly vacation, how often they’ll want to buy a new car and what inflation rates might be like in 20 or 30 years. For some people, this event could mean a very big difference in their quality of life after retirement.”

One Senior Place is a marketplace for resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their families. Additional information is available on the One Senior Place website at www.OneSeniorPlace.com or by calling (321) 751-6771.


PHOTO — Whatever your leisure pursuits, including them in your retirement will require planning. ‘Retirement 101′ for Boomers and Gen-Xers is April 17 at One Senior Place, presented by a panel of experts (left to right): Mike Kowalchuk, Insurance Specialist and golfer; Ken Whittaker, CPA and world traveler; Jim Delaura, Investment Advisor and mountaineer; William Johnson, Elder Law Attorney and kick boxer; Sherri Lombard, Tax Accountant and Cat Rescue owner.

About One Senior Place– Now in its ninth year, One Senior Place is a marketplace of resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their family caregivers in Central and East Central Florida. Completely unique, One Senior Place at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road in Viera is a one-stop information hub and mini-mall “revolutionizing the way America shops for elder care and services.” One Senior Place is home to a wide variety of senior-focused businesses, a resource library and is the site of daily events and activities for seniors. In 2008, One Senior Place was named Florida’s Small Business of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. In Brevard, they were honored as the 2008 Business of the Year by the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce. A second location, One Senior Place Orlando, opened in Altamonte Springs in February 2012. More information about One Senior Place and One Senior Place Orlando can be found on the company website at www.OneSeniorPlace.com or by calling 321-751-6771.

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