OSPU_LOGOEducation Programs for Healthcare Professionals

Educational presentations are available for healthcare and senior service professionals on topics such as best practice in geriatric service delivery, how to advocate for the older client, and more. All presentations are offered at One Senior Place, as well as out in the community.

Education Programs for Non-Medical Professionals

One Senior Place also offers education programs for non-medical professionals on a variety of topics related to seniors and aging, including:

The Aging Experience

This comprehensive discussion leads participants through the normal aging experience, with a special focus on the challenges likely to arise for the older adult in the physiological, cognitive, and behavioral health experience. Participants should gain a working knowledge of typical age-related issues, as well as how to appropriately support the older client.

How to Advocate for the Senior Client

The unique needs of older adults can make resource navigation complex and confusing. TheĀ non-medical professional is occasionally faced with decisions which are similarly complex. Assisting the senior client calls for a thorough understanding of the types of challenges that may present, as well as strategies for how to help them while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Navigating Retirement with One Senior Place

How can One Senior Place support your client? Seniors experience a multitude of needs through their retirement years. These needs are diverse and can be complex in areas such as medical needs, Medicare, elder law planning, long term care planning, home and independence needs, living options needs, and more. Participants will learn practical tips for how to use a resource such as One Senior Place in their daily work with the elderly client.

Other Specified Topics

Does your staff/group need a crash course in a specific senior related issue or resource need? We can reach out to the experts we work with and coordinate a seminar specific to topic areas such as elder law, Medicare, care planning, and more. Our social worker can also hone in on specific geriatric topicsĀ such as senior sensitivity, ethics with the senior client, financial/emotional/physical abuse, supporting independence, and much more.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, call 407-949-6733 in Greater Orlando and 321-751-6771 in Brevard/Space Coast.