The Latest Research on Dementia Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Marieke Cajal(Viera, FL)  –  Viera-based One Senior Place will host Dr. Marieke Cajal, Triage Specialist at Compass Research, for a presentation on “Memory Loss: Prevention and Cures of Tomorrow” on Tuesday, August 4th at 10:00 AM.  Dr. Cajal will discuss memory loss, the aging process and the newest research regarding the prevention and treatment of dementia.  The Compass Research seminar will focus on signs, symptoms and treatments for memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Dr. Cajal will share the latest information and answer audience questions. Free memory screenings will be available by appointment to those who are concerned about their memory.  Seminar seating is limited and an RSVP is required.  Refreshments will be provided at the Viera marketplace for senior resources at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road.  For more information about One Senior Place, the experts in aging, visit their website at or call (321) 751-6771.

Director, Kathi Ridner, is excited to share the wealth of new information recently uncovered about memory loss.

“We’re living in a tremendously exciting time for medical breakthroughs,” said Ridner.  “New information is coming to light that may help prevent the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.  Even more exciting is the possibility of an actual cure in our lifetime.”

Seminar attendees at One Senior Place The Experts in AgingDozens of senior-focused businesses are affiliated with One Senior Place, a marketplace for resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their families.  More information about One Senior Place, the experts in aging, is available at


About Compass Research –  Compass Research is a clinical research company dedicated to testing investigational medications that cover a broad range of diseases and disorders. Our staff has over 400 years of combined clinical research experience in all fields of medicine.

Clinical Research Coordinators: Through our extensive knowledge of clinical research studies and our study-related care provided for our patients, we have successfully helped place over 80 FDA-approved medications on the market. By participating in a clinical research study with Compass Research, participants are given the opportunity to provide valuable information for the future of medicine.

Our core value is to exceed the expectations of both our patients and sponsors. We do this through comprehensive quality control and attention to detail. Our staff has over 400 years of combined clinical research experience in all fields of medicine. This gives us extensive knowledge of the clinical research study process from beginning to end and the ability to provide quality data to our sponsors.

Our patients are very important to us. We understand and anticipate their needs in a clinical research study. We encourage questions and we pride ourselves on our ability to explain to them and their families any detail of a clinical research study.

The History of Compass — Clinical Research Coordinators, Sean Stanton and Craig Curtis, MD, CPI founded Compass Research almost a decade ago bringing their combined 36 years of clinical trial research experience together.  Their goal was to create a innovative clinical trial site from the ground up focused on quality, reliability, safety, trust, transparency and communication. Pioneering novel recruitment strategies and local physicians collaborations, Compass Research has grown in size and industry presence to become one of the premier research sites in the world. Recognizing the critical need for site management and leadership, we have hired some of the most trusted and experienced professionals in the business and currently have over 400 years of research experience amongst our 175 employees. We serve over 200 sponsors, from small bio-techs to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and have completed over 1,300 trials.  More about Compass Research is available on their website at


About One Senior Place– Now in its ninth year, One Senior Place is a marketplace of resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their family caregivers in Central and East Central Florida.  Completely unique, One Senior Place at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road in Viera is a one-stop information hub and mini-mall “revolutionizing the way America shops for elder care and services.”  One Senior Place is home to a wide variety of senior-focused businesses, a resource library and is the site of educational seminars and presentations for seniors.  In 2008, One Senior Place was named Florida’s Small Business of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  In Brevard, they were honored as the 2008 Business of the Year by the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce.  A second location, One Senior Place Orlando, opened in Altamonte Springs in December of 2011.  More information about One Senior Place and One Senior Place Orlando can be found on the company website at or by calling 321-751-6771.