How Can a Makeover Help Julie?

Well, who doesn’t need a makeover these days!   We all want to look better and age gracefully, but what does it mean to “age gracefully”?  I picture someone graceful as being agile, fit, and trim.  That’s not what I see in the mirror! I’m seeing gray hairs, wrinkles, arthritic fingers, and extra padding around my waist. 

Life has a way of changing one’s outer appearance, but we still have an inner beauty that we share with others.  So, perhaps “growing old gracefully” really means “to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes” (even though our vision is getting cloudy and a bit blurry). 

“Growing old with grace (Is she here today?) means knowing your body is changing, but it doesn’t mean to give up on your appearance and just wear your hair in a bun with frumpy elastic-waist pants, and Dr. Scholl’s shoes. 

Having a makeover will give me a chance to shine and look more attractive.  It will give me more radiance and confidence that will make me feel better, smile brightly, and get out to help others to do the same. Giving back to the community, friends, and family that have enriched my life will increase my inner beauty is a way I can share my new persona. Feeling beautiful both inside and outside of my body will allow me to accept my senior years and not fib about my age.  I can convince others to believe that “age” is only a number.  Who wants to be a teen again?!   To put it simply, your age is your age, but we can do it gracefully and have people say, “Wow, you’re a hot old babe”!

Your outer appearance is what people see first; one’s inner beauty will let us focus on the good in others, and, hopefully, they will do the same in me.  Looks do matter; it’s how we draw people to us and it’s how we can face the mirror to feel good about ourselves.   In turn, when we feel good about how we look, we can face the day and its challenges.  We can then open our inner beauty to those we encounter and truly say, “I’m aging gracefully.”

Julie Mallak
May 2013

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