*SPECIAL EVENT* “Keep Your Motor Running” on August 18th from 2-5pm

An Exclusive Q & A with Kathi Ridner, Director of One Senior Place

OSP_AD-SrScene-AUG2017-F2 (2)Why is it important that seniors get this information now?

KR: The mere thought of discussing intimacy and sexual health is enough to make most people blush.  But, while sexual health can generate embarrassment and awkwardness, it’s an integral part of our lives at every age.  Quality of life is an important focus, and loss of intimacy negatively impacts this.  Considering the solutions available today, loss of intimacy or a decline in sexual health is something that should be addressed, not just accepted.


Do you often host seminars about seniors and intimacy, especially as it is a limited-seating event?

KR: This will be our first educational seminar on this topic, but we plan to make it an annual event.


How popular/important is this topic for seniors?

KR: While sexual health and intimacy aren’t typically discussed at the breakfast table,  this topic is as important to our well-being as heart health or proper nutrition.


What makes this event unique from regular seminars hosted by One Senior Place?

KR: One Senior Place has always focused on education, resources and information to help people as they age.  We educate, empower and equip retirees to live their best life.  While we’ve not covered this topic previously, it’s focus and goals are the same as our other seminars.


As there are three different speakers, will men and women be separated for each discussion or will it be told to the attendees as a whole?

KR: Our featured speakers are going to provide information that is helpful for both men and women, regardless of the topic and content.  Intimacy involves trust, caring and support- it’s important for attendees to have a full understanding of what their partner may be experiencing, so this will be a mixed audience.


What do you hope attendees will get out of this event?

KR: We hope that our attendees will leave with a renewed sense of vigor, and zest for a life well lived!


What would you like to tell seniors who are interested in attending but may be intimidated by the topic?

KR: Our presenters will be sharing information in an honest and open format, so there is nothing to feel intimidated about.


Photo above: Flyer for “Keep Your Motor Running” event.  Please click for more information.