One of the most common stereotype concerns the way older Americans tend to spend and manage their time. Being retired persons, they do have a lot of free time. But not always this is a simple deal.

In fact, when you have the whole day at your complete availability and you don’t have to do any particular job, you may tend to get bored or to just waste time because you don’t know what to do.

Solitude is another factor which contributes to make older people’s time really hard to live.

Who are seniors?

First off, do we really know who seniors are? Probably, we define as seniors people who look old.

The AARP defines seniors all the persons who turned 50, while other government agencies refers to seniors as an old population starting at age 55. However, market research firms consider as seniors only those who turned 57.   Seniors who feel still young

Anyways, being seniors is not a matter of age: it’s a matter of life style and behavior, attitude and health. Think just that many seniors love to travel: they do have much free time and don’t have schedule or work time table, so they are totally free to come and go.

Seniors can focus on sports and free time hobbies more often than younger people, who have to be productive and work for most part of the day. Probably, seniors are today more active and ready to go than they used to be in past generations.

Seniors and house care

Normally, some seniors prefer to spend their time at home. They have an easy life style and give up going outside too much often. This can depend from health conditions or simply can be a matter of personal tastes.

Older people in America usually live in a old house and an old house often requires some care. With windows and doors or other structural elements of the building, there’s no way: either you call a good local locksmith or you can’t upgrade the quality of your windows, doors and other elements of your old house.

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Main residential services

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An old house generally need the following locksmith services:

New house lock installation

Repair of house locks

Lock change


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Mortise locks

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