Safety is one of the main factors that convinces many seniors suffering from chronic health problems to opt for nursing homes instead of the stay home alternative. Families who cannot afford private nurses often times go to assisted living centers and specialized nursing as these places are known to provide higher degrees of safety compared to living alone. The presence of the trained professionals there is needless to say one of the primary factors influencing such a decision. Falls, seizures, and other similar medical emergencies can all be properly handled in these places. Technology advances however have led to even more safety features,and these next few lines should help you form a clearer view on the security state of most nursing homes today.

Nursing Home Perform Background Checks For The Staff

Prior to hiring a new nurse, all nursing homes perform thorough background checks for the people they plan on hiring. They can this way screen out those potential employees who have received disciplinary penalties for abuse and other related problems that could affect the care of seniors. Quality people can be found with the help with computerized records that are offered by law enforcement officers in all states. But technology can prove to be helpful in other ways as well.

Nurses Work Better Thanks To Advanced Computer Technologies New technology combined with a stronger awareness of safety issues is helping in other ways:

  • nurses can easily double check the existence of any allergies in the medical records of the seniors with the help of computerized medical records;

  • they can pre-packaged drugs in sealed packets and gain access to all of the pills residents need to take at one time in a sealed packet; this way, there is no more human error specific to the demanding process of giving medication to several residents at once;

  • there are also many nursing homes that feature alerting systems buzzing nurses whenever a resident who has a high risk of falling gets up and he is unattended.

Nursing Home Safety Measures

  • The existence of locked security systems and the addition of surveillance cameras boost the level of safety inside nursing homes. The staff can know who comes in and who goes out at all times, and thus prevent unfortunate events from occurring. These systems are capable of making residents feel safe, while not being too obtrusive.

  • While senior's own homes can go through some similar safety makeovers by having security cameras installed and sturdier locks on the doors, unless there is a 24/7 nurse living inside the house, the rest of the medical necessities cannot usually be effectively covered by family members and caregivers. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to enhance safety around the house, and hiring a local residential locksmith who can help in this regard is the most recommended solution. You can find a 24/7 team of licensed professionals here; they provide services all throughout the country and they even feature a nonstop emergency service for lockouts and other lock-related issues that require immediate fixing. They also handle car and commercial space lock problems, and it is not uncommon to find locksmiths fixing locks on Alzheimer's wings.