According to CDC data, by the year 2030 there will be around 71 million seniors ages 65 or higher, which is double the current number. The rapidly increasing number of senior US citizens is prone to have serious effects and implications on the public health system. Namely, there will be a spike in the need for health care provisions and aging services. This is why it is critical to successfully promote health along with functional independence as powerful strategies that can help the elderly remain healthy.

Getting Old Does Not Have To Automatically Mean Getting Sick


Special studies have been conducted with the purpose of finding the connection between poor health and normal aging. The results were quite surprising: seniors who continues to keep in touch with family and friends, use clinical preventive services, and embrace healthy lifestyles have a bigger chance of staying healthy and suffering from less health issues. The prevention of chronic diseases and the drop in complications related to these illnesses are two of the strongest strategies to use. Considering 8 out of 10 seniors suffer from a chronic condition, the need for serious change is obvious.  play pokies


Ways To Improve Seniors’ Health

CDC works together with state and local communities and partners up with public and private organizations to encourage public health interventions. These events are created to promote and maintain the health of the elderly, and it can be achieve via:


  • The promotion of healthy lifestyles. These can have positive effects on the state of health of older adults, and we can mention the encouragement to work out regularly and quit smoking, which could have excellent effects on chronic diseases.
  • The wider implication of families. Families and friends of seniors need to get more involved into the lives of the retired adults, keeping them buys through games and visits or pleasant outdoor activities. The elderly can also keep themselves busy playing bingo, lottery or slots games online on sites like even though human contact is highly recommended. Nevertheless, these games are prone to keep them busy for hours during rainy days when there is not much they can do outside – and there are still plenty of folks who love to play poker, slots, or blackjack during their senior years. Many of these casinos online offer them the chance to play in fun, practice mode so their savings are not put to waste, but the most skilled of them can of course try their luck with real money wagers.