Elderly people can still take part in many fun, engaging activities meant to keep their minds and bodies fit; they can sharpen their minds and strengthen their bodies while spending time in the outdoors, playing family games or working on their hobbies. Here are a few fun indoor and outdoor ideas for seniors.

Entertaining Outdoor Activities For The Elderly

The elderly can go fishing or birdwatching in parks or nearby their homes. They can take long walks in the nature, oxygenate their lungs with fresh air, and enjoy the rays of sun on their skin and fill up with Vitamin D. They can spot birds or pick up feathers and even create special journals of their bird observances. Picnics and gardening also make for special outdoor hobbies to consider during spring and summer, but extra cautiousness needs to be taken during hot-temperature days.  

Fun Indoor Activities For Seniors

Ceramics is one of the most popular arts and crafting activity among seniors. It represents an excellent way of passing the time while inside senior community centers. Painting, sewing, knitting or making greeting cards and scrapbooking all make for similarly pleasant indoor activities. Woodworking projects such as building birdhouses or making clocks. Playing games is another favorite pass time activities for the elderly and games ranging from puzzle, bingo, or computer games able to challenge their brain are all embraced. Many seniors enjoy playing the lottery since it is a slow-paced game that does not have complicated rules and it has the potential of bringing them some amazing wins. Many of them visit sites like Lottery Master where they buy online tickets like La Primitiva lottery or US Megamillions, diligently trying their luck each week. The biggest jackpot that has been paid by La Primitiva lottery was given to a lucky Malaga resident in 2005 and it was worth over €24.900.000. There is a weekly jackpot prize worth $6.53 million and the yearly cumulated jackpots rise to the bewildering sum of $1.39 billion. The LotteryMaster site enables players to easily purchase their tickets online, click on their favorite numbers to mark tickets and enjoy some nice discounts disoutns upon buying tickets as well. Results are announced immediately and winners are emailed all the details of their cash out options. Since 70% of the revenue that is generated by the Spanish National Lottery gets put back into the fund for the prize, many non-jackpot prizes are also given t lucky winners.