Submitted by: Brenda Lecco, One Senior Place Care Manager

Legacy Letter_April2014Final-page1The word “arrangement” conjures up different images. A floral arrangement is an expression of blooming genius. A song is an arrangement of a brilliant mix of musical poetry. A funeral outlines a set of instructions for your final disposition, while a wedding is the arrangement for the beginning of your life.

We all make arrangements in our lives; some simple, some complex. Senior citizens need to consider decisions about how they are going to be cared for, and develop strategies to pay for care as they age. These decisions should be made while mentally and physically capable. Unfortunately, the majority of older adults are forced to work around the gaps they have in their arrangements due to lack of planning, and find themselves working in crisis mode. When you fail to plan for care, you sacrifice choice.

No one plans to get Alzheimer’s or break a hip, but thoughtful arrangements when you’re healthy make even the worst-case scenario viable. Ask yourself such questions as “Where do I want to grow old?” and “Can I afford it?” If the answer to the second question is “no” then familiarize yourself with the processes and community resources you will need. Many people say, “That’s never going to happen to me”. That sounds a lot like “hope”, and hope is not a plan.

Having a plan doesn’t mean that nothing unforeseeable will ever happen. Thoughtful planning will yield a return on your investment, and will provide you with confidence and security as you age.

Legacy Letter_April2014.

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