By Brenda Lecco, Care Manager, One Senior Place

I recently attended the National  Association of Professional Geriatric Care Manager’s Conference.  One of the speakers, Dr. Jamie Huysman, is a psychologist and social worker. He titled his presentation “Take Your Oxygen First.”  This is based on the idea that you are unable to help another person if you aren’t breathing yourself.  We hear this from flight attendants EVERY TIME we take a flight, but most of us don’t think about it in our day-to-day life.

Caregivers often forget to take their oxygen first.  They put the needs of the person they are caring for – whether it’s a child, spouse or aging parents – ahead of their own.  This can create what is known as “compassion fatigue” which is characterized by detachment from, and negativity towards, the person they are taking care of.  The caregiver starts to feel shame and guilt which leads to depression and isolation.  People suffering from compassion fatigue stop doing many of the things they derived pleasure from, further perpetuating the effects of burnout.  Many caregivers reach a breaking point where they begin to have “escape fantasies” about getting away from the person they are taking care of.  You have to have oxygen to keep a fire burning – without it, the fire is snuffed out.

One Senior Place in Altamonte Springs is having our annual “Caring for the Caregiver” event on February 8th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  At this event, caregivers will hear from expert speakers in the field of caregiving as they share advice and strategies for coping with challenging situations. They will also be treated to a day of pampering devoted to honoring the role of family caregiver.  It will be a day of relaxation, rejuvenation and education.  We invite you to come and take your oxygen and keep your fire burning.

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