Reid Lenhart

According to a recent Harvard Medical School report in the Journal for Cancer Survivorship, approximately 10 percent of Medicare beneficiaries do not comply with their prescribed medication regimen because they simply cannot afford it. The report added that elderly Medicare patients, whether or not they are being treated for serious diseases such as cancer, commonly skip taking a pill so that the pills can last longer, or forgo filling a prescription completely because it is just too expensive.

The rise in medication costs has occurred in parallel with an aging population, leading to greater financial burdens for the patient. Fortunately, options exist that can curb the cost of prescription medications and make them more affordable. Currently, more than one million Americans are ordering their prescription medications safely and conveniently from international pharmacies because they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

“You don’t have to put your health at risk because you can’t afford your medications,” says Reid Lenhart, director of The Canadian Medstore, which works with both U.S. and international licensed pharmacies to provide affordable prescription drugs. “There are safe, convenient and viable options out there, and our goal is to help our clients find the best price on their prescription medications.”

The Canadian Medstore, which has been a trusted source for discount medication serving Florida residents for over a decade, is one of One Senior Place Greater Orlando’s newest on-site vendors that offers a critical service to seniors who find themselves struggling to pay for their medications. Simply stated, some insurance plans don’t cover prescription costs at all, and Medicare plans can carry with them expensive out-of-pocket costs.

Lenhart explains that if you are covered under Medicare Part D plan, any medication purchased through an international pharmacy does not apply to your plan’s total cost, helping you avoid the dreaded Medicare “donut hole,” a coverage gap that presents serious financial challenges and has many people choosing between their rent or groceries and their prescription drugs.

Dealing only with licensed pharmacies, The Canadian Medstore works with various U.S. and international suppliers to offer both brand and generic medications at sometimes one-third the cost. “Other countries don’t tolerate the big pharmaceutical companies charging exorbitant prices for their drugs,” says Lenhart. “As a result, they are able to provide these drugs at much more affordable prices to their citizens. We simply go through them to get the better prices.”

Americans are allowed to import up to a three-month supply of each of their medications for personal use from international pharmacies, and a valid prescription from a licensed physician is required just as it would be in the United States. All prescriptions are also reviewed and filled by government licensed pharmacists and physicians. Every medication received through the company’s international suppliers is of the same quality, purity and potency as those available in the United States.

“We value safety and credibility above all else and strive to establish trusting relationships with our clients,” adds Lenhart, who loves the synergy between One Senior Place and the other businesses that are there. “That’s why we chose to set up an office here … we want people to walk in and ask us questions. We also want to find out what their needs and concerns are so we can better help them find a solution.”

To find out more about The Canadian Medstore and discover why they are a trusted local source for prescription medications, contact Reid Lenhart at 407-949-6714 or e-mail




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