~ By Don Kramer, One Senior Place CEO ~

- Our new website went live July 2, 2012, right on schedule (!) OK, not quite on schedule.

- Our new Facebook pages are averaging well over 1,000 unique visitors per week, and as of Thursday, July 5 had received 264 “likes”

- Our new email service is up and running, with separate lists for professionals and consumers in Brevard, Orlando or both. Since February, we have sent 84 “campaigns” equating to roughly 40,000 emails!

Email Blasts

As a service to our customers, affiliates and community/networking partners, One Senior Place has been “blasting” out electronic notifications since 2000. Back then it was 100% faxes and 0% emails.

Today, of course, everyone has email, and we blasted our last fax in 2010. At first, everyone loved getting emails – the more the merrier – but over time, volume skyrocketed and email etiquette changed. Today, rather than the hundreds of individual emails (one per event) that we used to send every year, we now do a weekly “digest” that lists and links readers to a wealth of OSP and area events for seniors. A second one, similar in style but aimed at senior service professionals, goes out weekly as well.

Get Connected

Want to keep up with the latest events and happenings in your community? Be sure to subscribe to our email notifications. You’ll get a free, up-to-the-minute calendar of events of special interest to seniors delivered right to your inbox

Senior service professionals also subscribe here.

Our Calendar is Your Calendar

Know of an event for seniors that should be on our calendar? Now you can visit our website and add it yourself… directly to our Events Calendar. Visit OneSeniorPlace.com, go to the Calendar page and follow the simple instructions.

See you online,


Don Kramer, CEO

One Senior Place

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