Marshall Cohen, Realtor®, Seniors Real Estate Specialist® with Exit Real Estate Results, a One Senior Place Resident Business Answers Our Ask the Expert Question

Marshall CohenQuestion:
When is the right time to begin the moving process?


It is never too early to begin thinking about the move. Emotional preparation for such a big lifestyle change should begin months or even years from the actual move. Questions to explore when considering a move might include:

• When is the right time to make the move?

• Where is the next home going to be?

• How much will it cost? What is the budget?

• What is our home worth in today’s market?

• What is involved with putting the house for sale?

• What repairs or maintenance need to be done to the house?

Careful planning and a network of trustworthy advisors will certainly ease the transition process. Consult with family, friends, lawyers, financial advisors and your Realtor® so that positive steps are taken.

Be very careful and use patience. Especially in a crises situation or when there is lack of motivation for selling the home. Costly incorrect decisions such as wrong pricing, bad timing, and poor preparation can be avoided. Both for mature adults and their families, the decision making process may not be easy. In order to understand the complete process involved in a living transition it is helpful to obtain a real estate assessment in the beginning stages when considering the move. A Realtor® with expertise in this specialty can guide you and offer a complete understanding of the transition process.


Marshall Cohen is a Realtor® and Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designee specialized in meeting the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+. He has received extensive education on topics such as tax law, probate, estate planning, equity conversion strategies, and can offer relevant information on current market trends as well as valuable resources regarding real estate transactions. As a transition counselor, Marshall, has developed a team of valuable resources and strategies to assist his clients with the preparation and sale of the home and working with them throughout the entire moving process. With personal experience resulting from his mother’s paralyzing stroke, Marshall shares his first hand knowledge and experience of the journey through rehabilitation hospitals, assisted living facilitates, and the daunting task of packing lifelong memories, moving, and selling her home. Marshall is a member of the National Realtors Association, Florida Realtors, and the Orlando Regional Realtors Association. Marshall can be reached by calling 407-949-2211, or emailing him directly at

Marshall Cohen, Realtor®,
Seniors Real Estate Specialist®
EXIT Real Estate Results

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